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The purpose for which this foundation is established is to facilitate in all parts of the world the education of the public in the understanding and realization of human potential based on the knowledge, principles and message of peace expounded by Prem Pal Singh Rawat.

Priyan's principal activity is to financially support and pay for all travel, related services and logistical arrangements including air and ground transportation and lodging for Mr. Rawat in order to ensure his attendance at Events, and for anyone involved in furthering the promotion of the objectives of Priyan. The activities of Priyan are completely financed by donations.

A list of the main events that Prem Rawat has attended in recent years can be found here

For further information concerning the message of Prem Rawat please visit


All donations are used to support the objectives of the Foundation. The allocation of the funds for the different projects shall be decided by the board of the Foundation. As a not for profit Foundation Priyan is unable to refund donations. Further details of Priyan's refund policy specifically related to recurring donations can be found here


Your data shall be treated with confidentiality and security according to personal data protection Dutch Law. At all times you have the right to modify or cancel your personal data by sending a message using the contactform. For full details of Priyan's privacy policy please see our Privacy Policy


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