Information about the Data protection by Priyan Foundation

General information:

The formal name of Priyan Foundation is “Stichting Priyan” (hereafter “Priyan”).

Address: Zekeringstraat 46, 1014 BT Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  P.O. Box: 58385, 1040 HJ Amsterdam
Phone: +31 (0)20 3302030
Fax: + 31 (0)20 3302223

The fiscal number of Priyan is: NL 815649393, its registration number at the Chamber of Commerce is: 34246683.

Objective, main activities and financing:
The purpose of Priyan is to promote in all parts of the world the education of the public in the understanding and realization of human potential based on the knowledge, principles and message of peace expounded by Prem Pal Singh Rawat.

Its main activity is: to financially support and pay for all travel, related services and arrangements including air and ground transportation and lodging for Mr. Rawat in order to ensure his attendance at Events, or for anyone involved in furthering the promotion of the objectives of Priyan.

Incidentally Priyan organizes events to inform the donors about the actual state of affairs and developments regarding the activities of Priyan.

The activities of Priyan are completely financed by donations.

Personal Data

Personal Data are gathered from all donors. The purposes of this gathering are:

  • To inform the donors and communicate with them
  • The processing of the donations

Only those data are gathered and processed that are needed to give information, collect the donations and account them.

The categories of recipients of the personal data are:

  • (Financial) administration of Priyan (Processors)
  • Volunteers who take care of the communication with the donors, globally and/or locally. The volunteer has signed a confidentiality agreement. No more data are available for these recipients than strictly necessary for the communication they are responsible for. They cannot change the data.
  • The company that has developed and maintains the Priyan Data Base (Processors)

Personal data will only be transferred to a country outside the EU or EEA to international volunteer managers and administrators of Priyan, when this is strictly necessary for the communication with donors who themselves have a legitimate interest to be kept informed of relevant information. All Priyan’s managers and volunteers, wherever located, are required to comply with Priyan’s own privacy policy.

Protection of personal data:
The personal data are kept in a high level encrypted data base, developed and maintained specially for Priyan.
Only personal data, like name, address, email address, phone number and received donations are put at the disposal of the volunteers who take care of the information and/or communication, as mentioned above.

Procedures and rights of the persons, whose personal data are processed:
Personal data are only gathered when a person explicitly has given permission to do so, on a donation form or by mail/email.

  1. On every donation form (in English, French and Spanish) the next information is given by Priyan: "In accordance with the current guidelines relating to security of personal information, your personal information will be kept confidential and incorporated into a database owned by Priyan, for the efficient operation of your request and in order to provide you with information about the activities of the Foundation. You may exercise your right to access, correct, oppose or cancel this information by mailing your request to: Stichting Priyan, P.O.Box 58385, 1040 HJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.”
  2. On every email that is sent out to donors the next information is given by Priyan: "In compliance with current legislation on personal data protection, your personal details will be treated confidentially and will be recorded on automated files that are owned by Priyan to ensure that your request is handled efficiently and to offer you information on the Foundation's activities.
    You may exercise your right to consult, amend, oppose or delete your details, by writing to or mailing to Priyan, P.O. Box 58385, 1040 HJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands, fax: +31 20 330 2223, email:".

If a person has a complaint about the gathering and/or processing of the data, or about the approach, this complaint will be treated by the Board of Priyan.

A person always has the right to withdraw the permission for the gathering and processing of his/her personal date. When a person expresses that he/she wants his/her personal data to be deleted, the data will be removed immediately out of the database. Only a hard copy of the data, that needs to be kept for legal reasons, will be stored in a safe way for seven years, as requested by law. This hard copy is only available, if needed, to the Office Manager and the Treasurer of the Board.